Launch + Grow by MVP Health Care

Our approach

We create value together by blending the best of our two organizations.

The result is a comprehensive Medicare Advantage product built around your customers, tailored to your geographic location, and poised to stand out in a competitive market.

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Evidence-driven decisions

Using evidence to drive decisions.

Launch + Grow by MVP uses a proprietary, customer-centric framework we call Evidence-Based InnovationSM (EBI) to ensure every decision we make together is grounded in customer data. We identify pain points from the perspective of target consumers and providers and use this data to design compelling Medicare Advantage plans.

The EBI Advantage

The breadth of the EBI data we collect helps us add value to partnerships where being data-driven and customer-focused are shared principles.

Our commitment

We are 100% committed to co-creation with our partners.

Our partnership innovation framework increases efficiency, speed, and confidence with comprehensive guidelines on governance, roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities.

The difference

A differentiated approach.

Compare our collaborative approach with the typical one-size-fits-all Medicare Advantage package offered by national payers, the one-off partnerships provided by third-party consultancies, or even the health systems struggling to build their own Medicare Advantage offerings.

The difference with Launch + Grow by MVP is that our collaboration is built on a true strategic partnership. Together, we share the knowledge, expertise, and experience to enhance customer care and nurture mutual long-term success. Together we are better.

Your expertise and
business goals

Our expertise and proven
partnership framework


Launch + Grow advisory and
implementation services.

Launch + Grow by MVP offers a full portfolio of advisory, consulting, and implementation services.
Tap into our expertise where you need it most.

Analysis + Opportunity

Assess market opportunity in specific geographic areas for Medicare Advantage and additional expansion products.

Product Design + Development

Draw on comprehensive data about customer needs to co-create product benefits, design services, and deliver effective training and implementation.

Quality + Clinical Improvement

Identify and prioritize customer and provider engagement opportunities that can benefit plan ratings, improve member health outcomes, and facilitate caregiving.

Operations + Customer Experience

Ensure operational readiness and optimize customer touch points leading to an improved customer experience, better retention, and continued growth.

Marketing + Sales Strategy

Use data-driven evidence to identify customer needs, co-develop marketing strategies, deliver successful sales campaigns, and manage a joint budget.

Regulation + Compliance Support

Draw on MVP’s market experience with regulatory compliance around required plan filings, communications, ongoing claims and reporting submissions, and customer engagement records.

Provider Network

Identify and fill gaps in provider type and access, strengthen provider relationships over time, and promote the quintuple aim for healthcare improvement.

From Ideation To Growth
To Growth

Launch + Grow by MVP builds partnerships with payers and health systems based on shared values, joint leadership, and a growth mindset.

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