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University of
Vermont Health
Network (UVMHN)


In June 2021, MVP Health Care entered into a strategic partnership with the University of Vermont Health Network (UVMHN). The academic health system joined with MVP to develop a novel Medicare Advantage product called the UVM Health Advantage.

Building a partnership on shared values, joint leadership, and proprietary research, both MVP and UVMHN succeeded in better identifying customer needs and improving product offerings while delivering a highly customer-centric Medicare Advantage product to the market.

The Challenge

Provider organizations and insurers have different operating models and skill sets. For many health systems, building mutually beneficial strategic partnerships remains a top external challenge.

The Solution

MVP Health Care offers strategic partnership opportunities for payers and providers built on aligned values, product co-creation, and shared leadership.

Launch + Grow by
MVP Health Care

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The University of Vermont Health Network is an academic health system comprising six affiliate hospitals, a multi-specialty medical group, and a home health agency. MVP worked directly with UVMHN to identify the specific needs of local customers and build out a Medicare Advantage product tailored to these needs. The result is UVM Health Advantage, a successful proof of concept built around the needs of UVMHN’s Diabetes and Congestive Heart Failure patients.

The strategic partnership between MVP and UVMHN
is built on three key pillars:

Aligned Values

Mutual Transparency, Honesty and Accountability

Co-Created Product Offerings

Joint Leadership, Learning, and Planning

Crawl-Walk-Run Approach

Coordination, Implementation, and Continuous Transformation


In the first six months of this strategic
partnership, MVP and UVMHN

  • Launched a co-created, customer-centric, provider-influenced UVM Health Advantage Product–complete with care kits, prior authorization considerations, and individual care guides.
  • Created a formal joint governing structure including experts from both organizations.
  • Leveraged the strengths of both organizations to create optimal workstreams, integrate data, and identify operational gaps.

Partners also identified key
future objectives including

  • Improved data and analytics sharing.
  • Enhanced benefits for patients with behavioral and substance use disorder.
  • Illuminated gaps in existing care management strategies.


  • Shared Leadership is essential.
  • Partners must be willing to learn from one another.
  • Co-branding requires compromise and mutual sensitivity to brand reputation.
  • Both organizations must be aligned in their values and principles in order to collaborate, learn, and grow together.


Read the full text of our
case study here.

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In its early stages, this partnership has already gained significant positive traction by achieving its initial goals of bringing a unique Medicare Advantage product to market, meeting first-year enrollment expectations, and closing quality improvement gaps. The partnership will continue to evaluate its success by monitoring the member/patient experience and understanding the impacts of the product on care delivery and enrollment numbers.

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