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North Star Problem

Lifetime value occurs after you can optimize for it

Lifetime Value (LTV)
Days Since Install
Optimization Window

You'll acquire the wrong
users if you don't follow
your North Star.

Most mobile app advertisers are not optimizing their campaigns toward their true North Star: lifetime value. Constrained by Facebook's 7-day conversion optimization window, they optimize toward early conversion signals and hope that these users mature into valuable users. But if you train the algorithm on the wrong day one signal, you'll end up acquiring the wrong users. Given these constraints, how can you optimize directly for lifetime value?

Introducing the

Worthy Solution


Develop the perfect north star signal to optimize your campaigns based on predicted value.

Using with Worthy signal, mobile app advertisers can train the algorithm to calibrate their bid according to predicted user value, bidding less for low value users and more for high value users. To find the perfect signal, Worthy provides a platform for end-to-end signal testing. This platform allows advertisers to deploy new proprietary signals, test performance on live campaigns and rapidly iterate to improve signal quality.

Bid Dynamically
for Predicted Value


Present each user with a
personalized journey to
maximize lifetime value.

To convert new users into valuable users, mobile app advertisers must send the right cadence of email, push notifications and in-app messages. Worthy takes the guesswork out of lifecycle marketing by assigning each user the right journey to maximize your north star conversion rate.

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How It Works


Data Ingestion

Worthy receives a real-time feed of user interactions via API from your existing mobile measurement partner. This allows Worthy to instantly integrate your data without any developer.


Initial Training

Once Worthy starts receiving your data, it is processed through Worthy's neural network and the training begins. Worthy parses 1000s of early signals from every new user and begins to associate it with lifetime value.


Live Scoring

Once Worthy has developed a base model for prediction, it assigns each new user a value score that forecasts lifetime value, as well as additional scores for whatever other outcomes you'd like to track.


Continues Learning

As new data flows through the neural network, Worthy constantly refines its prediction model and is able to create an increasingly more accurate value prediction.

White Paper

Learn more about
how Worthy predicts
lifetime value.

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Worthy Dashboard

Use the Worthy dashboard to monitor signal performance and understand your true marketing ROI.


Understand the user attributes that are most heavily associated with differences in lifetime value.

Signal Accuracy

Evaluate how often the signal fires for true valuable users and how often it fires for false positives.


Predict the true ROI of your marketing campaigns in real-time, allowing you to shift budget.

Cohort Maturity Curve

Understand how long it takes new users to mature
into valuable users.


Track the number of predictions Worthy fires per hour.


Monitor the performance of your signal tests and get notified when a test has hit statistical significance.

Case Studies

Learn how Worthy can improve your ROI.

Worthy for Subscription

Most subscription advertisers optimize toward free trials, wasting a significant portion of budget on trials that never convert. Don't train the algorithm to seek out low value trials. Use Worthy to optimize directly for subscription revenue.

Decreased cost per subscriber by


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Worthy for Gaming

A small percentage of users will drive the majority of your profit. One depositing user can easily be worth 100x more than another. Stop optimizing for deposits and start optimizing towards lifetime value. Worthy enables gaming advertisers identify future high value players, while deprioritizing lower value players.


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