Welp. My website was hacked. It's gonna be ok, but not exactly how I wanted to spend my week. Some kind of scheme was used to make the website redirect to a pharma store if you clicked on it from Google. Very clever. If you want to buy cheap meds, just email me and I'll sell you some Ibuprofin I bought in bulk. Thankfully no data was lost or compromised, but it still feels like a stranger went through my underwear drawer. At this point the website was rather out of date and I was considering a redesign anyway, so I will try to make that happen soon.

For now though, I am working exclusively with my buddies at Griflan Design in Philly and you can see all the latest cool projects we are pumping out at Griflan.com.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, my email is justin@jlern.com. If you like pretty pictures of nature, I share those on my Instagram @JLernDesign. Stay tuned friends.